Monday, 2 May 2011

How to grow Lemon Trees and Other Citrus Fruits at Home ?

Click Here For Help Growing Lemon Trees at Home!

Ever imagine growing your own tasty lemons, but can't be bothered because of the newbie mistakes and long learning curve many claim you have to deal with ?

“Grow Citrus: The Insider Secrets to Growing Great Citrus” might be the information product you need to grow those lemons in no time!

Nola Griffin's step by step guide gives you a set of trusted, tested guidelines to ensure your lemon trees are healthy and produce lots of luscious fruit, YUM!.

You could be enjoying fresh juice any time of day, without the supermarket chemicals sprayed and waxed all over them, just your TLC and the pride in knowing you grew them yourself :-)

Grow Citrus, also shows you how to grow oranges, limes and other citrus, it's an easy to read guide (in PDF) that looks at everything you need to know about growing your trees and keeping them healthy and disease free. (nobody wants moldy lemon tree right ? x_X ) It's filled with useful tips and suggestions for the brand new grower or fruit experts. (I just found out what a meyer lemon is! Zx)

This book will provide answers to problems such as no fruit growing on the trees or a bug invasion, threatening your trees (keep back you pesky bugs - I'd just zap 'em but I expect this guide is more expert than that! Zx).

You don't need to be a genius to grow these trees either, which is good news for most of us (well me anyhow :P Zx)

It's written in plain English, by someone whom has been there, got the t-shirt seen the failures and successes and solved the problems, for a fabulous harvest.

Lotsof photos of what your tree should (or should not) look like are included so if your tree gets a problem you can identify it quickly, and more importantly fix it, before it gets worse.

How to prevent limp, discoloured leaves and creepy crawlies setting up home, is some of the advice included.

The creator of this product, Nola Griffin, has read lots of books on the subject of growing citrus (as well as growing citrus trees herself), so you don't have to guess everything, she is obsessed with growing fruit trees, which is very useful for getting a good, focused, stream of information from somebody with a passion for the subject.

The book looks at different methods of planting, in pots or out on the open land of your garden. Looks at climate, conditions of soil, roots, water etc.

41 varieties of citrus are covered, so it's not just lemons, many happy buyers (see testimonals on her site).

Worth a look if you are thinking of making lemonade from your lemons!

Click Here For Help Growing Lemon Trees at Home!

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