Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sunshine is out today and... Katie Holmes picks up her morning coffee from a local Starbucks in NYC

Morning folks, from the Untied Kingdom

Just a little update to tell the world what I am up to.

Well at the moment I am feeling a bit happier because the sun is out, blue sky and it's crispy cold, rather than soggy damp, my dog woke me up this morning squeeking as she does to signal - hey get up and take me for a walk, so I've done that several hours ago.

Today I've uploaded some rebranded ebooks to my box net account which I have a widget to on my business directory and on my linkedin account.

There are about 25 of ebooks in the Internet Marketing niche or so people can take for free and use for listbuilding or to read or to follow the links and sign up for the affiliate program like I did.

More of my contacts are seeing the benefits of using Plaxo which is handy, as I'm weary of sending out invites, as rules change every 5 minutes on networks, I hope Plaxo keep the classic version going as the add to groups function is slow, I have 500 ning friends + I've had to favorite then move to a ning group individually - my browser (firefox) doesn't seem to like the layout crashes after about 20 save to groups - so an ability to select all, and view people in list view (like the old version) would save time and mean I could find people quicker - I'm telling you guys because I think they outsource their customer support as nobody appeared to understand my problem, same old, same old.

Facebook - new design - looks more or less the same as the old one - like I say I've joined a I hate the new design group - to feel part of the planet! but really I don't know what the fuss is about - it's always been odd having two walls.

Coffee girl for today is Katie Holmes in New York City:


A tired-looking Katie Holmes picks up her morning coffee from a local Starbucks in NYC


37529, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Tuesday February 9 2010. A tired-looking Katie Holmes runs errands on a chilly New York morning. Mrs Tom Cruise has just returned from the warmth of Miami, where she attended the Superbowl with her husband, daughter Suri and step-son Conner. Photograph:

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