Monday, 15 February 2010

A little update and...Christina Aguilera holding her script and Coffee

Just A little update for today...


So today I've been working on the same thing I was working on yesterday.... whooo! the excitment *rolly eyes* - okay what can I moan about, ummm ?, I think I have frost bite on my toes, my bathroom ceiling is covered in mold (even with the bl**dy window open) tried sticking a load of bleach on the end of a broom... hmmm, that maybe why my toes are burning actually... so yes that's my news for today - sore toes from bleach or frostbite or maybe both, oh yeah got toothache too, but that because I've been eating chewy sweets, have to go back on the diet soon... I bet Christina Aguilera doesn't have sore puddies....



Christina Aguilera holding her script and wearing an oversized knit sweater on the set of Burlesque

37332, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday February 2010. Christina Agulera and Stanley Tucci on the set of Burlesque in LA. Aguilera is seen holding her coffee and script, sporting a blonde look and a long knit beige sweater. Tucci was seen holding a thick book and a bunch of newspapers, while wearing a dapper looking robe! Photograph: Pedro Andrade / Nate Jones,

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