Sunday, 13 December 2009

Home (Zara's Kafe Im Limon) remember google do web hosting free!

Hey here is my new template/ on google sites - for 'kafe im limon' the website - it's free to host and you get a choice of templates, if you can't afford your own domain - or like me you have a mixture of paid and free domains - try it out - you might like it =)

Welcome to Zara Lockwood's 'Google Cafe'

Latest News:

Weston-super-Mocha - Coffee for sale on eBay

Suggested Steps for Coffee Buddy's:

1. Join My Healthy Coffee Downline Builder

2. Add a Profile At Totallyu

3. Subscribe to my I love Gano Newsletter or Kafe Im Limon

4. Join Zara's Coffee Venues AND add something!

Hi - here are some other features of the site:

1. Your Host - My Name is Zara Lockwood and my main Niche Coffee and Coffee Products, and this website is a wiki of sorts. I like talking about Web Tools, Instant Coffee, Social networks and my dog on other networks.  You are welcome to send me invites to social networks via you belong to, add me as a cyber buddy where ever you hang out on-line =)  At the moment I am lurking on Techcrunch, Gumtree and Ecademy and I'm on Plaxo and Flixster and Ning quite a know anywhere I can set up a Coffee stall really, or chatter with interesting people :-) click here for more info about Zara.

2. Under the tab "Cool Internet people" Marlon Sanders has a number of free ebooks, ebooks are electronic books, some are rubbish, some are useful, Marlon Sanders eBooks are always useful so grab 'em while they are free!

3. Under "Find Niches and Tools" you can maybe find a niche you are interested in, ideas for websites and blogs.

4. See menu on the left for more Items.

Bookmark this page!

Also check out the free ebooks offered by Cody Moya. Cody Moya is the first person I threw a Facebook Sheep at in 2007 when I finally decided to join Facebook are we connected there ?

Grab two free ebooks I have over on Microsoft Live (above) - are we connected there ? - I have them in my skydrive (storage)
Did you know Microsoft give people 25 GB of free storage space, ideal for small backups maybe ? or freebies. I should be adding them to this site too soon, I have some other ebook freebies there too.

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