Saturday, 5 September 2009

!FB general update from Zara

Hi - just an update - what Zara is up to:


Firstly !FB is a code that should mean that none of my updates with links in go to my facebook profile page - this is because a change in the facebook rules that mean's business posts / status updates aren't allowed to have sponsored links in - and if you are anything like me, it's almost second nature to add a link or reference to the latest product or gadget I am promoting in relation to my business interests - but commerical posts outside of the business pages can get you a facebook ban  however if you use Plurk to update your facebook status you can add !FB and that post won't go to your facebook profile - this is handy if you use hellotxt or to say good morning to alot of people on different networks - as it means you can do a generic hello then - another one to your coffee buddies for example - which is what I do - that way I can still use one interface - i.e hellotxt first thing in the morning - then check up on individual networks when i feel like it.


Okay other stuff - I've quit the paid version of Zlio for the time being, I might have to retire Ning Nomads too in the future as like other networkers - it just doesn't 'pay to pay' and while I carry lose leaders for a while - the cash could be used to pay eBay fees instead - and eBay is virtually guarenteed quick sales - I am a bit more hesitant to give up Ning Nomads as I kind of like it there but it's running at a loss and I don't have the funds that twitter and facebook do to keep loss making activities afloat for long like they do!

So I'm clearing up ready for winter, my venues and other free blogs however can stay up as long as blogger is free - thus they are growing naturally using mybloglog and I am using the power of "cloud" hosting to set up venues - I am planing on making them more interchangeable - I am growing networking friendships of the networks - which is great - I have eBid (a free version of eBay) for UK sales, I have web hosting for storage - in short all the tools are there - it's just tweaking and optimising that takes the time - the groups will start to have people soon.

I am testing out Google websites, a way to have hosting for free with a theme - I have another wordpress blog for the coffee venues - the google website may act as a "cloud" point of reference so if you are an Affiliate on I might direct you over there for examples.

Anyway got to go now, I will speak again soon.


Zara x


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